FAQ - Orangutravel

Booking itineraries, experiences and activities with Orangutravel is safe, fun and reliable. ¬†And backed by friendly people who will assist you in every step of your journey. Here’s everything essential you need to know.

    • What is it?

      What is Orangutravel?
      Orangutravel is a platform to plan and book tailor made tours, activities and experiences. We began by offering travel ideas and plans in Malaysia and Borneo. It is run by real people living in your destination! Travelers like you!
      Who runs Orangutravel?
      We are a bunch of travellers, friends and professionals with years of experiences in travelling South East Asia by and large. Most people in our team have a postgraduate degree and worked in the travel industry since ages. By putting together our expertises we can cater the perfect journey for every type of person. We are a fully licensed travel agency, to comply with the law.
      Where are you located?
      We have a staff member in most destination covered by our offers. Our HQ is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - a melting pot of a Nation that suits our mixed eurasian cultural background.
      How do I book?
      Browse the travel ideas and add them to the travel planner. Tell us when do you plan to start travelling and how many of you are in your group. You can add or remove items from the planner, pretty much like a cart. You'll get an instant quotation which will give you an idea of the costs. When you're satisfied with your selection, hit the Enquiry button, fill in your personal details and submit it to us! Don't forget to add a personal note to tell us more about yourself and your travel style! We'll get back to you in person and discuss your ideas before any commitment and actual booking.
    • Bookings

      Are the published prices intended per person?
      The price indication for each travel experience is normally intended for a single person in a group of two people unless stated otherwise. Depending on the number of people joining this price may change. To check what would be the rate for your group, please add the travel experience you'd be interested in to your "cart" travel planner and set the correct number of people and date. You may update the currency as well.
      Are listed prices final?
      Not necessarily, but generally a close approximation. All our experiences are tailor made, and final prices will reflect this. The prices will be finalised after you submit an enquiry and talk privately with us to further customise and fine-tune your travel plan and itinerary. The prices listed in the final invoice will be final.
      Should I always mention if there are children travelling?
      Yes, please. Children below the age of 12 often receive discounts, so you should list them correctly. Infants below 12 months old always travel for free, so you should not list them in the "cart" travel planner. However, you should mention them to us while you submit your enquiry or immediately afterwards.
      Are there any discounts for children?
      Yes. They are already automatically taken into account when you enter the number of children below age 12. Discounts may vary depending on the experience.
      Should I mention about my age or the age of people travelling with me?
      Any information that could further personalise your travel experience is precious to improve the quality of our service to you. Furthermore, if there are any elderly people in your group it is important to us to know.
      I've seen some prices change over time, why?
      It could depend on currency exchange rates fluctuations. These are calculated automatically and may result in some price variation over time, to reflect the current exchange rates. Anyway the rates applied to the final invoice prices will be final and not subject to change after a payment is submitted.
      What happens after I submit an enquiry?
      You will be contacted by one of us! You will get to talk with an actual person and travel expert straight from your chosen destination to assist you finalising your travel plan and discuss travel ideas with you!
      Can I change my travel plans after submitting an enquiry?
      Yes of course. The idea of the "cart" travel planner and enquiries is to get in touch with you and discuss about your travel ideas among those we propose and you are interested in. These can be further adjusted, adapted, changed or extended to let you enjoy a full tailor made journey experience. When you are satisfied with the final plan we will send you an invoice.
      Can I change my travel plans or booking after I have sent a payment?
      Yes, but depending on the conditions and the time when you request a change of plan, you might incur in further charges if we need to cancel any of the previously booked experiences and it can't be refunded or you want to book something new which has a price difference.
    • Payments

      When do I have to make a payment?
      Once your travel plans are confirmed with us, you will be issued an invoice with the summary of your itinerary and the experiences booked. You have to submit a payment within the invoice terms or your booking request will be cancelled.
      When is the payment due date?
      The invoice will mention the payment due date. Unless stated differently, a payment is normally requested within 2 weeks from invoice issue date. "Last minute" bookings may require a shorter term.
      How do I make a payment?
      You can pay with Paypal® or via international bank transfer. We do accept a wide range of currencies.
      Do prices include taxes?
      Yes, they are tax inclusive.
      If I cancel a booking, will I receive a refund?
      You will receive a total or partial refund as per our cancellations policy. The refund will be issued using the same method and the same currency as the payment was submitted, unless otherwise agreed.
      If I can't travel any longer, can I transfer my booking to another person?
      Yes, you can. But you need to tell us as soon as possible and submit the contact details of the new person or group. If the number of people joining changes, then we need to make sure there's room for them for the experiences booked - you might incur in further chargers or a partial refund, depending on the case and if conditions apply.
    • Cancellations

      Can I cancel a booking request after submitting an enquiry?
      Yes you can. Simple enquiries do not carry any commitment from neither side. If you changed your mind and wish no longer to proceed with us, just let us know. Your feedback is always very important to us.
      Can I cancel a booking request after receiving an invoice?
      Yes you can. The invoice will be void and your bookings cancelled. Your booking will be automatically cancelled if no payment is received by the payment due date as stated on the original invoice. If you wish later to book again the same services, a new invoice needs to be issued and, depending on the case and season, there might be changes in prices or availability of services.
      Can I cancel a booking after I made a payment?
      Yes. Depending on the time of cancellation, you will be entitled to a full or partial refund, as per our cancellation policy and as stated on invoice. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further details.
      Will I be refunded if I cancel my trip later?
      Yes. You will be entitled of a 100% refund if you ask to cancel a booking before 31 working days (weekends and public holidays excluded) prior the arrival date (the date the earliest booked experience is supposed to take place). We will retain 10% fee if a booking is cancelled within 31-22 working days before arrival. A 25% fee for bookings cancelled within 21-16 days prior arrival. 50% for bookings cancelled 15-8 days prior arrival. Bookings cancelled by 7 days or less than arrival are non refundable (100% fee charge). The same rules apply for late or "last minute" bookings, ie. bookings made within 31 days or less than the booking time. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further details.
      What happens if one experience I booked is called off?
      In the unfortunate circumstance we are forced, for any reason and at any time, to cancel a tour or experience you have booked through us, we will notify you immediately. In such cases we will offer you an alternative experience of equivalent or superior value with no further costs from your side. If no equivalent or superior experience is available as an alternative, we will offer you a refund for the services cancelled. Cases of "force majeure" (natural disasters, fires, wars, adverse weather, destruction of vehicle or hotel, etc.) that determine the cancellation of one or more services, may constitute an exception.
    • Itineraries, experiences and activities

      In which language do you offer your guided travel experiences?
      All tours, experiences and activities listed are always intended to be in English language. If you wish an interpreter or local guide in your language you may request one (where available). We do our best to ensure excellent language skills, but the degree of proficiency may vary depending on the location and season.
      What do you mean by itinerary, experience and activity?
      An "itinerary" is a travel experience of several days and/or covering multiple locations. A simple "experience" is a travel experience of a single or half day or several days but in a single location/area. An activity is a learning experience, like a class, workshop, training, etc.
      Will I travel altogether with other people?
      Generally, no. All our travel experiences are private. It means that only you and the travel companions indicated by you will be travelling. There are certain experiences though where this is not possible (mostly some courses, classes, access to some national parks...) - but in such cases we will always mention it in the description and remind you later.
      I have in mind something which I don't see listed - can we discuss it?
      Yes of course! We are all about tailoring travel experiences for everyone and we will look into such requests. Make contact with us through the contact form or by submitting a generic inquiry attaching a message. One of us will get back to you to discuss your ideas.
      I have a medical condition or follow a specific diet, should I mention it?
      Yes please. Especially for travel experiences where meals are included, you should tell us in advanced if you need special care or you follow any particular diet for any reason. If you have any specific health condition you should mention at the moment of submitting an enquiry.
    • Hotels and Accommodations

      Is an hotel or accommodation always included?
      Depends. It's always stated whether an hotel is included or not and you might be prompted to choose an accommodation type. Normally these are included for multi-day trips and itineraries or island stays.
      How do you rate hotels and accommodations?
      We normally don't use "stars" ratings but rather differentiate them by other parameters and experience. Many hotels in Asia, especially those not part of worldwide hotel chains do not adhere completely on international rating definitions and systems, therefore we decided not to follow those standards as they might be misleading in certain cases. We will suggest hotels and accommodations to you based on your traveller profile, as part of our tailor made travel experience!
      Can I book hotels and places to stay myself autonomously?
      Yes, you don't have necessarily to book them through us, although it could make things more straightforward and easy for you. You can discuss about this with us after submitting an enquiry.
      What are the check-in and check-out times?
      Unless stated differently, check-in time is at 14.00 onwards; check-out is normally within 12:00 (noon).
      Why you don't list hotels and accommodations directly?
      We can discuss about your options after you'll have submitted an enquiry. At the moment we decided to make travel planning as easy and straightforward as possible for you, focussing on the travel experience as a whole, but we might consider the possibility to list individual hotels in future. Your feedback is important to us!
    • Safety and Assistance

      Will I receive support and assistance during my travel?
      Yes, of course. There will be always a staff member or person in charge with you at all times. All customers will receive priority phone and email support at any time of their journey.
      Do you provide a travel insurance?
      We are not an insurance company and we recommend you to subscribe a personal travel insurance before leaving for any journey. Our staff (transports, accommodations, guides) are insured as prescribed by local laws and their respective policies will provide basic coverage of any unfortunate accidents occurred in their premises or under their professional care. However, they do not constitute a complete travel insurance by definition. An important side note: you should not leave your personal belongings unattended at any time and make use of hotels safety boxes whenever possible.