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Experience what is feels like being in one of the oldest rainforests of the World and let yourself being absorbed by its unique atmosphere and vegetation. This 3-days excursions includes a long boat ride upstream the Tembeling river, night hikes in the jungle, spotting wildlife and panoramic canopy walks
  • Explore the biggest and oldest national park in Malaysia
What's included
  • Round trip with departure from Kuala Lumpur
  • River boat service
  • Accommodation with breakfast
  • Meals and activities as described in the itinerary
Hike in Taman Negara
Any amount of people can join.

      Taman Negara literally means “National Park” in Malay language. There are several “taman negaras” across the country, however, the Taman Negara is popularly identified with the largest park comprised between the Malaysian states of Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu, along the Titiwangsa mountain range. The Taman Negara was established in 1938, while Malaysia was a colony of the United Kingdom, and originally known as King George V National Park. It was renamed to Taman Negara after independence. The park covers a total area of 4343 square km (shared between the three States) and is World acclaimed for being one of the oldest existing tropical rainforest, estimated to be more than 130 million years old. Also because of this, the park offers several unique geological and biological features.  Such as Gunung Tahan, the highest point of the Malay Peninsula; the park has also numerous caves, rapids and waterfalls. Taman Negara is the home of some rare mammals: like the Malayan Tiger, Crab-eating macaques, Sumatran Rhinoceros and Asian wild elephants. As well as birds such as the Great Argus, Red Junglefowl, and the rare Malayan Peacock-Pheasant are still found here in some numbers.

      You can experience what is feels like to be in one of the oldest rainforests of the World and let yourself being absorbed by its unique atmosphere and vegetation. This 3-days excursions includes a night hikes in the jungle and panoramic canopy walks. During daytime it can be relatively easy to spot endemic animals such as monkeys, Malaysian tapyrs, wild boars, sambaar deers, several species of birds and insects, fishes and amphibians.

      Because the Taman Negara is a protected area, all visits require a registration at the entrance of the Park and you cannot wander alone in the rainforest, but you will in company of a forest ranger, with excursions and activities organised in small groups. You will spend two nights there, at a local eco-lodge with wooden chalets or bungalows, with breakfast and meals included.

      For this trip, the departure is set in Kuala Lumpur. The meeting point will be at the Istana Hotel lobby, located nearby Bukit Bintang, along Jalan Raja Chulan, beside Jalan Nagasari. On the way back you will be taken to the same hotel too. From there the driver will get you to Kuala Tahan, at the jetty where your you will cross the river by longboat. For this reason, we recommend you to not to carry any heavy or cumbersome baggage, since the boats are not very large to accommodate many luggage’s. You can leave your excess baggage at your hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

      There will be park fees to be paid on the spot, in cash, which we cannot anticipate for you. The admission is normally 1 RM (Ringgit Malaysia), but an additional 5 RM will be charged for cameras.

      We recommend to have with you a suitable outfit for trekking/hiking in the jungle and adequate, non slippery and weatherproof footwear. Bring some salt or a lighter to help you remove any leeches you might bump into during your hikes (you can remove them with your hands anyway). Bring also a raincoat (even a disposable one will do), a flashlight for your night hike, a canteen for water, some snacks. If you intend to bathe in the rivers or streams of water inside the rainforest bring also a swimsuit.


      1 Kuala Tahan
      Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur is the location where the Bus will depart to Taman Negara. Please be at the meeting point at least 15 minutes before the departure time at the lower lobby. The bus will not wait for no show passenger.
      20150217 09:00Depart by van or minibus from Kuala Lumpur (bus awaits in front of Istana Hotel/Lower Lobby).
      20150217 13:00Arrival at the Kuala Tahan village.
      20150217 13:15Cross the river by longboat.
      20150217 13:25Arrival in jungle lodge, check-in, then leisure time.
      20150217 19:00Dinner.
      20150217 20:45Meet your nature guide at the lobby for the night walk.
      20150217 21:00Night jungle walk experience.
      2 Taman Negara
      Meet your nature guide at the resort lobby for the trekking and canopy walk. In the afternoon reach Lata Berkoh rapids by traditional longboat.
      20150217 07:00Breakfast in your lodge.
      20150217 09:15Meet your nature guide at the lobby.
      20150217 09:30Jungle walk and canopy bridge.
      20150217 12:30After morning hike, return to lodge base for lunch.
      20150217 14:15Meet your guide at the lobby for afternoon hike.
      20150217 14:30Get to Lata Berkoh rapids by boat.
      20150217 15:45Swim or leisure time at Lata Berkoh.
      20150217 17:00Get back to lodge.
      20150217 19:00Dinner.
      3 Return to Kuala Lumur
      After breakfast, you will head back to the capital. You will do the same route backwards.
      20150217 07:00Breakfast.
      20150217 08:30Check out from lodge.
      20150217 09:00Cross the river by longboat.
      20150217 09:15Bus departure time to Kuala Lumpur.
      20150217 13:30Arrival in Kuala Lumpur, bus stops in front of Istana Hotel.
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