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Get to know about Malaysian delicacies and how to prepare them! Join a cooking class in the multi ethnic capital of Malaysia to learn about its culture through it's food and buy the ingredients at a local wet market!
  • Visit the market to buy fresh groceries
  • Learn about Malaysian food and delicacies
  • Malaysian food cooking class
What's included
  • Transportation from hotel to cooking class and back
  • Fully equipped cooking stations
  • Professional chef guidance
  • Ingredients and meal
Cook Malaysian food like a local
Maximum 24 persons.

      The Malaysian cuisine is famous for being very diverse: it offers a great variety, which reflects the multi-cultural aspect of the Country. There are foods belonging to different traditions and ethnics, originated from different corners of Asia: local Malay dishes, Chinese dishes, Indian dishes and dishes originated from the fusion of these cultures, such as the foods in the Baba Nyonya tradition. On top of that, Malaysia hosts many more culinary traditions, from all its neighbouring countries and further away, spacing the rest of Asia up to Middle East.

      Malaysians are truly obsessed about food and they are truly appreciative of the variety they can enjoy in their unique multi-ethnic Country.  And while visiting the Country and trying its foods, you could indulge to learn more about it and even learn how to cook a dish or two. For this experience, you can go as far as buying your own grocery at a local wet market, just as a local would do. Then use the groceries to make some food, guided by a local chef that follows traditional methods of cooking.

      The classes are limited to 10 people per group – and it’s also a chance to meet up with foreigners and locals that share similar interests with you! The classes are held in a professional kitchen with all the utensils necessary to prepare selected Malaysian dishes. The costs of ingredients and the transportation to the cooking class are included in the price.

      Classes are scheduled daily , from Tuesday to Saturday.


      1 Home cooking class
      Meet you driver and proceed to the home cooking class in the suburb area of Kuala Lumpur. There you will be assisted by a local chef which will instruct your and your class on how to prepare food. Before, he and his staff will accompany you to a visit to a local wet/grocery market to buy some of the ingredients you will actually use in your cooking, just like a local!
      20150212 08:00Pick up at hotel.
      20150212 08:30Market walk.
      20150212 09:30Introductory briefing with the chef.
      20150212 10:30Cooking class.
      20150212 12:30Lunch.
      20150212 14:00Estimated time back to hotel.
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