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Reach Sarawak's Batang Ai National Park lake and surrounding rainforest while staying comfortably in a resort and spend one day with a local Iban family in their traditional longhouse carrying on traditional activities
  • Visit Serian Market, pepper farms and Sarawak countryside
  • Visit Batang Ai lake, river and surrounding rainforest
  • Experience a one day together with the Iban people
  • Stay at the Hilton resort in full board basis and enjoy its facilities
What's included
  • Transportation to Batang Ai and return to Kuching
  • Boat services with boatman
  • Accommodation in full board basis
  • Entrance fees and permits
The Iban people in Batang Ai
Any amount of people can join.

      The Iban people are the largest ethnic group of Sarawak, one of the states in Malaysian borneo. The Iban people were once infamously known for being headhunters and fierce warriors, but they live today as peaceful farmers and hunters in the countryside. They organise their communities in villages revolving around longhouses, a type of housing with many shared areas for families to live and places to conduct daily activities and routine work necessary to live. A longhouse can host about 30 families.

      This is a travel idea for those who wish to visit an Iban longhouse but aren’t keen to give up an high-standards services accommodation. The Hilton is the only resort situated on the artificial lake of Batang Ai, Sarawak’s rainforest National Park located East of Kuching,  on the border with the Indonesian Borneo (Kalimantan). From there you can do a day trip to one of the Iban’s longhouses located along the river nearby. Your stay at the Hilton will be of 2 nights, and you’ll enjoy the swimming pool, the spa and the restaurant providing any food from local to international. It’s a tour suitable for families with children as well.

      This is a private tour departing from Kuching town and includes transportation (vehicle and boats) and a local person as a guide. Along the way to Batang Ai you will also stop by the Serian market, visit a pepper farm and see more of the Sarawak countryside.

      We suggest to bring some small present for the children in the longhouse. We also recommend to have with you suitable shoes and outfit, mosquito and insect repellent, a raincoat in case of rain, a hat and sunscreen, a flashlight and a swimsuit if you want to bathe in the river or the pool. During the day trip, bring only the minimum necessary since the route to reach the resort and the longhouse is partially covered by a small boat. If you have a big luggage you may leave it at the Batang Ai Pier Storeroom (with fee) or in your hotel checkroom when you leave to Batang Ai.


      1 Reach Batang Ai
      Meet your local guide and driver in Kuching town at your hotel lobby there and proceed your journey to Batang Ai Lake. If you just landed to Kuching, pick up can be at the airport but you need to notify us in advance of your flight schedule.
      20150223 09:00Pick up time from your hotel lobby or airport.
      20150223 10:15Have a stroll in Serian Market
      20150223 12:00Visit a local pepper farm (Sarawak is famous for its pepper).
      20150223 13:00Stop at Lachau for lunch.
      20150223 16:00Estimated time arrival at the jetty for Batang Ai.
      20150223 16:15Boat transfer to Hilton hotel in Batang Ai.
      20150223 18:00Dinner at Hilton's.
      2 Visit the Iban Longhouse
      After breakfast a Iban long boat will bring you to the longhouse by river. At the longhouse you will enjoy some activities with the Iban people, including a home cooked meal, rice wine (a typical home prepared spirit of Sarawak), watch some performances. On the way back to the resort you have the option to stop in the jungle and walk in the forest along a canopy walk.
      20150223 08:00Breakfast at Hilton resort.
      20150223 09:00Meet with your local tour guide at the lobby.
      20150223 09:15Longboat ride to the longhouse upriver.
      20150223 10:15Arrival in the longhouse and greetings with your host.
      20150223 11:00Watch traditional war dances performance.
      20150223 13:00Traditional Iban home cooked lunch and rice wine tasting.
      20150223 14:30Blowpipe demonstration.
      20150223 16:00Return back to the resort.
      20150223 16:45If you want you can do an hike trail and try a canopy walk.
      20150223 19:00Dinner at the Hilton.
      3 Return to Kuching
      On the third day you will return to Kuching. The driver can drop you at your hotel in town or if you have a flight to catch at the airport. In the latter case you should notify us in advance of your flight schedule. Remember that you need to be at least two hours earlier before departure at the airport.
      20150223 08:00Breakfast at Hilton.
      20150223 09:00Boat departure, then proceed to Kuching by land vehicle.
      20150223 12:30Stop by and walk through Ranchang garden.
      20150223 13:00Lunch at a local restaurant.
      20150223 15:30Estimated arrival time in Kuching (hotel or airport).
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