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A complete, all inclusive tour of West Peninsular Malaysia for serious motorbike lovers: ride through 1200 km of curvy mountains, plains and coastline to discover the best Malaysia has to offer while enjoying an adventurous journey on two wheels!
  • A complete, all inclusive tour of West Malaysia for bike lovers
  • Ride through the West Malaysia Peninsula on a 1200 km journey on motorbike
  • An itinerary between the Titiwangsa mountain range and the coastline of Penang
  • Visit Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highlands, Kuala Kangsar, Belum, George Town
  • Several landmarks to stop by and guided tours in each visited locations
What's included
  • Motorbikes to choose from
  • Motorbike insurance
  • Motorbike tour leader and guide
  • Accommodation with breakfast for all locations visited
  • Driver with vehicle and boat services
  • Meals and basic beverages as described in the itinerary
  • Local outdoor activities as described in the itinerary
  • Entrance fees and permits to parks and museums
The motorbike tour of West Malaysia
Minimum 5 persons.

      An unique riding experience for the 2-wheels lovers among st culture, history, cuisine and nature of the Malaysian Peninsula, an area which has been influenced by the trade between Asia and Europe since centuries. Places such as Cameron Highlands and Belum have been modified by the British colonizers  who built the roads connecting those territories once isolated in the middle of the jungle. On the other hand, coming to Malaysia without visiting its forests is a missed occasion to know the country in its complexity. In the last few years Belum National Park has become a place of research and study for no-profit organizations and an eco-friendly tourist destination.

      During the tour you will spend 3 nights in Kuala Lumpur, one in Cameron Highlands, 2 in Belum and 2 in Georgetown and all the accommodations are included. The ride starts in Kuala Lumpur, the bustling and modern capital of Malaysia, and ends in George Town, the town once capital of the former British settlements on Penang island – an interesting arrival destination  from both a cultural and architectonic point of view, as well as for the fact you can have a coast-to-coast bike tour of the island.

      Please note that a minimum number of five participants is necessary to organise the tour. You may choose a bike between the following: Kawasaki Versys 650, Yamaha XJ6 Diversion, Honda CB500X or similar models. All the bikes come with 2 saddle bags or a back one, plus a basic tool set. Any of the motorbikes is covered by an insurance – the cost of which and the bike itself is included in this offer. The insurance is a basic liability one covering  third party, fire and theft. We’d recommend you to subscribe a separate travel insurance policy before coming to Malaysia which covers sports activities such as motorbike driving.

      All foreign licenses are valid to be used in Malaysia within your social visit period. Your license however must be at the appropriate level to ride our motorcycles in accordance with its cubic capacity. International license is not a must but a plus point to have especially if your license is not written in English. If you’re stopped by the police, have your passport and license ready for inspections. At road blocks, lift up your visor (especially if they’re tinted) to show that you have nothing to hide.

      The fuel isn’t included in the package, so it will be at your own expenses – please consider fuel prices are quite low in Malaysia, an oil rich country. Upon request you can have a vehicle with mechanic on board during the tour.

      Regarding the accommodation and hotels, these are included – while booking we can further assist you choosing what  better suits your needs and budget in any of the stop over during the trip. However, in Belum only a single resort is available. You will have the same guide and tour leader from the beginning till the end of your tour.

      We recommend to have with you: suitable motorcycle gear, such as motorcycle riding suits,  helmet, boots, and all which you usually wear when riding in your country, shoes and outfit for the forest, a mosquito repellent, a raincoat (a disposable one will do), a hat, swimsuit and sunscreen.


      1 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor
      At the airport you will meet your driver that will bring your group to your accommodation in the city centre. This tour assumes you are just arrived in Malaysia; however if you are already there, please notify us beforehand. Also for this reason, on the first day there isn't scheduled much activity as you will want to recover from a long flight, get acquainted with Kuala Lumpur and have a taste of the local food.
      20150212 14:00Check in time.
      2 Sepang International Circuit
      After breakfast you will meet your local guide and drive to the Sepang International Circuit. If you have not been there before, you will visit the most technical circuit in the world and get inside all the rooms normally restricted to public access during motor event in the circuit. Such as the Corporate suites, the Race control room, Time keeping room, the Paddock area, the Media center, the Perdana suite reserved for royalties and foreign dignitaries, the Podium, where your race legends celebrate their victories. If the track is vacant by the day of your visit, you will have the golden opportunity to walk on the Starting Grid for a perfect photo opportunity. The tours are scheduled from Monday to Friday only (no visits allowed during the weekend or during any racing event). After the visit and a lunch in a typical local restaurant, it's time to get your bikes! The tour leader will brief you about motorbikes, the traffic laws, speed limits, roads and highways of Malaysia and other customs observed in the Country.
      20150212 08:00Breakfast at hotel.
      20150212 09:00Meet your local guide in hotel lobby and proceed to Sepang by vehicle.
      20150212 10:00Meet the circuit guide and visit the International Circuit.
      20150212 13:30Lunch time.
      20150212 14:30Get your bikes and brefing from tour leader.
      20150212 16:00Time back to hotel.
      3 Cameron Highlands, Pahang
      The adventure begins! Ride between the mountainous curves of Cameron Highlands. The itinerary starts with a stop at Batu Caves, the cave is one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside India, dedicated to Lord Murugan. It is the focal point of Hindu festival of Thaipusam in Malaysia. The tour continues trough the E1 to Tapah (using the E1 highway road). On the heights of Cameron Highlands the temperature drops slowly and pleasantly, from 28 degrees to 15-20 degrees Celsius. Once arrived at the top of the highlands you can have your lunch. Afterwards you will proceed downhill towards tea plantations and reach Cameron Highlands. There will be stops at a waterfall and an aboriginal orang asli settlement.
      20150212 07:30Breakfast at hotel.
      20150212 08:30Begin the moto tour.
      20150212 09:00Coffee break at Batu Cave.
      20150212 10:00Continue your journey to Cameron Highlands.
      20150212 12:30Lunch at a local restaurant.
      20150212 14:00Continue your journey to Cameron Highlands.
      20150212 14:30Stop at Lata Iskandar waterfalls and visit a small orang asli village.
      20150212 16:00Tea break at the Malay " BHARAT" tea plantation.
      20150212 18:00Estimated arrival at your hotel.
      20150212 20:00Dinner at a local restaurant.
      4 Belum, Perak
      After breakfast in Cameron Highlands, you will drive in a visit the stunning local tea plantations. Depart from town and arrive in Kuala Kangsar on plains. Here you will visit the old capital of Perak, whose scenic roads will lead you near the North part of the Titiwangsa mountain range. From here you will reach Belum-Temengor, the National Park and wildlife reserve area. Sighting of wild elephants is not very rare, to the point there are road signages mentioning the possible danger.
      20150212 08:00Breakfast at hotel.
      20150212 09:00Visit the British "BOH" tea plantation.
      20150212 10:30Drive down the highlands towards Kuala Kangsar, Perak.
      20150212 13:30Lunch at local restaurant.
      20150212 14:30Visit the Masjid Ubudhia, Istana Iskandar, Istana Kenangan and the Perak river in Kuala Kangsar.
      20150212 17:00Arrive and stop at Gerik, before getting to Belum.
      20150212 18:30Arrive in Belum (estimated).
      20150212 20:30Dinner in the resort.
      5 Belum National Park
      This is the only day, excluding arrival and departure, where you won't touch your bike. But it's gonna be worth it because you'll enjoy a very fulfilling day in the wild rainforest of Belum National Park. The tour leader will take care of the bikes and eventually perform any general maintenance. In the meanwhile a local nature guide will lead you through lake Temenggor by boat to visit the local rainforest. You will hike in search of rafflesia flowers, local wildlife, and pay a visit to some aboriginal people who live inside Belum. The hike includes a stop at a local waterfall where you can have a swim or jump in (under the tour guide advise).
      20150212 08:00Breakfast at resort.
      20150212 09:20Meet a local nature guide in Temengor.
      20150212 09:30Take a boat cruise in Temengor lake and reach the rainforest by boat.
      20150212 10:40Hike in the jungle in the attempt to spot rafflesia flowers.
      20150212 11:40Stop at the "salt lick" hill to spot any wildlife.
      20150212 12:00Visit an aboriginal orang asli village.
      20150212 14:00Packed lunch in the national park of Royal Belum.
      20150212 15:00Refresh yourself at some waterfalls.
      20150212 17:00Get back to the resort at Belum's entrance.
      20150212 20:00Dinner at resort.
      6 George Town, Penang
      After breakfast start again your motorbike engine and continue your journey, this time towards the coast: Penang. From the Titiwangsa range you will reach the longest bridge in Malaysia and South East Asia (24 km) that connects Peninsula mainland with the island of Penang. Once arrived in George Town, the capital city of Penang, you will begin your visit of the beautiful UNESCO heritage center with centuries old colonial buildings. The moto tour will resume in the afternoon with a visit to a few locations out of town center area.
      20150212 08:00Breakfast.
      20150212 09:00Leave Belum-Temengor.
      20150212 12:00Estimated time of arrival in George Town, Penang.
      20150212 13:00Lunch at local restaurant.
      20150212 14:00Drive on top of Air Itam hill and visit the largest Buddhist monastery of Malaysia, Kek Lok Si.
      20150212 16:00Drive downhill and visit two more temples of Thai and Burmese tradition.
      20150212 18:00Check in time to George Town hotel.
      7 George Town and Penang visit
      After breakfast, there will be a more complete tour of the UNESCO heritage site in George Town. In the afternoon a ride to see other landmarks and amenities the island has to offer, including the renowned Spice Garden, where you can learn more about tropical spices.
      20150212 09:00Breakfast at hotel or local "kopitiam" coffee shop.
      20150212 10:00Starts the visit to the heritage centre of the city of George Town.
      20150212 10:30Fort Conrwallis, Old City hall, Justice Court Palace, St. George's church
      20150212 11:30The visit continues to the old Chinatown quarters with Kuan Ying temple, the Khoo Kongsi clan house, and moving toward the Clan jetties
      20150212 13:00Lunch at a local restaurant (Penang is a food heaven).
      20150212 14:00Round trip of Penang island, coast to coast.
      20150212 15:00Visit the Tropical Spices Garden, the Penang Butterfly farm and come across some fisherman neighbourhoods
      20150212 18:00Time back to hotel in town.
      8 All the way back to Kuala Lumpur
      On the last day you will drive through the main highway of the country, the E1 North/South, which connects the capital Kuala Lumpur to George Town. On the way you will stop at the only local orangutan centre in the West Peninsula (all the other orangutans being in Borneo, East Malaysia) to give you a chance to see this unique ape, symbol of Malaysia.
      20150212 09:00Breakfast.
      20150212 10:00Leave Penang.
      20150212 11:00Visit the orangutan center.
      20150212 12:30Lunch at local restaurant on the way.
      20150212 14:00Resume drive.
      20150212 17:30Return back the rented motorbikes.
      20150212 18:00A vehicle will drive you back to your hotel.
      9 Kuala Lumpur Airport
      This tour itinerary assumes you will be leaving Kuala Lumpur or Malaysia on day #9. However, if your plans differ, you may just notify us beforehand and we might even be able to provide you a transportation to your desired alternative destination. If you leave Kuala Lumpur by plane, after breakfast you can meet your driver to go to KLIA International Airport or KLIA-2 (Air Asia, etc.). The trip to airport can take more than hour in case of traffic so be wary of your schedule - you need to be at least 2 hours before departure for domestic flights or 3 for international flights.
      20150212 08:00Breakfast.
      20150212 12:00Check out time.
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