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This all inclusive tour will bring you for a dive in the unique historical melting pot of George Town and let you discover Penang from a heritage and cultural perspectives.
  • Learn about George Town history and culture through its heritage buildings and roads
  • Visit all the main buildings and landmarks on a guided tour
  • Taste the local food with locals
What's included
  • Round trip from Georgetown airport or jetty to hotel
  • Accommodation with breakfast
  • Meals and activities
  • Entrance fees and permits
Penang: the Pearl of Orient
Any amount of people can join.

      The island of Penang, located North West from the Malaysian Peninsula, has been largely uninhabited until the arrival of the British in the second half of the 18th century. It belonged to the sultanate of Kedah. The British obtained the territory of Penang as a concession from the sultan in exchange of aid against the neighbouring kingdom of Siam (Thailand). Hence Penang became the first British settlement in Malaysia, with George Town (named so in honour of King George) as its main outpost, founded on 11 August 1786 by Captain Francis Light, a trader for the British East India Company. Commerce began soon to flourish and the newly founded British colony attracted large communities of Chinese, Arab, Thai, Burmese and Indonesian traders and immigrants, altogether with Indians coming from British India colonies. The flocking of different communities into the growing city  shaped Penang into what is still today: a diverse melting pot of Asian ethnicities, cultures, religions, traditions and food, nested in a tropical colonial urban architecture marked by a British tone but rich in Asian features, such as Chinese temples, housings, Hindu temples, mosques of mixed style and more. The unique architectonic heritage of George Town is very well preserved and given its unicity and meaning in history, it has been declared in recent times a UNESCO World Heritage site.

      This all inclusive tour idea of Penang will bring you for a dive in this historical melting pot and let you discover Penang from a heritage and cultural perspectives.

      The trip assumes you’ll be arriving at the airport, but even if you arrive from the jetty (ie. you are on a cruise or inbound from mainland), it includes private transportation to your hotel in town in either case. On the way back the driver can send you to airport, mainland (e.g. Butterworth bus or train station) or Penang jetty, according to your plans. We recommend to have with you sunscreen protection, a hat, a raincoat in case of rain, as well as a canteen to keep you hydrated in the island’s tropical heat.


      1 Arrival in Penang
      If you arrive from airport, meet your local guide and driver there, otherwise at the pier or in Butterworth, depending on your scheduled arrival - you can discuss about this with us at the time of booking. Because of this the following schedule can be adjusted according to your place and time of arrival.
      20150212 13:00Arrival in Penang.
      20150212 14:00Arrival at your hotel in George Town.
      2 George Town
      Meet up with a local guide at your hotel lobby. From there, start the heritage tour of George Town, while getting facts and anecdotes from your local guide about the culture and history of Penang as you drive through its historical buildings.
      20150212 08:00Breakfast.
      20150212 09:00Meet up with your local guide at your hotel lobby.
      20150212 09:15Start walking towards the clan jetties, then proceed from the colonial area to the historical Chinatown and Little India quarters.
      20150212 10:30Visit religious buildings of George Town (temples, church and mosques).
      20150212 12:00Visit the clan house Khoo Kongsi and the Penarakan museum mansion.
      20150212 13:00Lunch in a local restaurant - food experience.
      20150212 14:00Return back to your hotel.
      3 Leave Penang
      After breakfast meet your driver accordingly to your flight or boat schedule. Please mind that you need to be at airport at least three hours before departure for international flights and at least two hours before departure for domestic flights.
      20150212 08:00Breakfast.
      20150212 12:00Check out time.
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