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  • Duration: Half day (about 2 hours)
  • Starts in: Kuching
  • Ends in: Kuching
A unique opportunity to learn about traditional bamboo tattooing techniques and history of the Iban people of Sarawak by a local tattoo artist in Kuching
  • A unique opportunity to learn about traditional bamboo tattooing techniques and history of the Iban people of Sarawak
What's included
  • 90 minutes workshop with a professional local tattoo artist
Borneo tribal tattoo workshop
Maximum 6 persons.

      Borneo natives are made up by different tribes, each of them with its own culture and language. Despite this, there’s one common thing between all of them: the practice of tattooing as an ethnic tradition. For many centuries, the tattoos have been a lifestyle especially for the Iban, one of the largest tribe in terms of population. Tattooing was a sacred activity connecting people to the spiritual world, as well as a proof of men strength in the head-hunting and a coming-of-age ritual. For women was considered as a beauty enhancer. Furthermore, Iban used tattoos for protective purpose, to avoid evil eye and diseases.

      If you’re a tattoo enthusiast – artist or curious – and intrigued by history and art of ethnic tattoos, during this experience you will meet internationally renowned local artists executing tribal tattoo with the traditional bamboo technique, same as in the old days were used by Borneo tribes. A 90 minutes workshop will introduce you to the tribes’ culture and to the knowledge of the traditional tattoos, nowadays known only by a few that are able to execute it.

      The workshop will be held  by Ernesto Kalum, Iban international award-winning tattoo artist, main promoter for the tribal tattoos art, or one of his assistants like Robinson Unau, with a many-year long experience in the field.

      You can schedule this activity in the morning or afternoon; the artists’ studio is in Kuching town.

      NOTE: the studio does not accept underage (less than 18 years old) students and won’t do workshop¬†on minors.


      1 Kuching Tattoo Artist
      In Kuching town you will meet an experienced local tattoo artist and learn about traditional iban tattooing technique and history in his tattoo workshop. You can schedule this experience in the afternoon if you want. In that case please notify us at the time of booking and we can set the time by 15.00 (3 pm).
      20150205 10:00Meet with a local Iban tattoo artist in his studio.
      20150205 10:3090 minutes of traditional tattooing workshop.
      20150205 12:00End of workshop.
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