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An excursion dedicated to true trekking enthusiasts in the tropical forest of Sarawak where you also get to camp in the jungle of Borneo, encounter local people and spot wildlife
  • Trekking into the Ulu Ai forest
  • Attempt to spot wildlife and orangutans
What's included
  • Round trip from Hotel to Batang Ai jetty
  • Longboat services with boatman
  • Jungle lodge accommodation and camping
  • Meals
  • Entrance fees and permits
Looking for the Orangutans
Any amount of people can join.

      This is a tour dedicated to true trekking enthusiasts, it’s not an easy hiking but an excursion within the tropical forest, including camping in the jungle. It’s a 3-day trekking, and you will cover an average of 5-6 km per day. You will visit the local population living in the forest, such as the Iban people, and attempt to see the orangutans in their own environment. On the trail you will have a few breaks at some base camps and an expert guide will take you through it. The sleeping accommodations in the forest are simple lodges with the bare minimum needed.

      Please note that a valid health certificate issued by a doctor no sooner than 6 months before the scheduled arrival date in Kuching is required to join this tour. We recommend to have with you: a waterproof backpack, a pair of trekking shoes and suitable outfit, anti-leech socks, mosquito repellent, raincoat, perhaps a hat, a torch, ideally a waterproof camera, a first-aid kit, electrolytes (rehydration salts), climbing gloves, a swiss-army knife,  binoculars, trekking poles and a swimsuit since you may want to bathe in waterfalls.


      1 Reach Ulu Ai
      Meet your local guide at your hotel lobby in Kuching town and proceed to Batang Ai jetty. On the way you will stop at Lachau, then have an early lunch or brunch at a local restaurant. The longboat from Batang Ai will travel up to Nanga Sumpa area, where you will be hosts of a longhouse. Dinner will be served by your hosts and you will spend one night there.
      1424678400Meet your guide in Kuching and drive to Batang Ai.
      1424689200Stop at Lachau Bazaar.
      1424690100Lunch in a local restaurant.
      1424705400Longboat departure to Nanga Sumpa.
      1424718000Dinner at longhouse in Nanga Sumpa.
      2 Genting Tunu
      Depart from Nanga Sumpa and trek for about 4 hours through the forest which is home to groups of orangutans. You will set a camp once arrived in Genting Tunu and have your meals there. During your activities at the campsite, you and your group will attempt to spot any wildlife there, including orangutans.
      1424682000Trek for about 4 hours through orangutan habitat to Genting Tunu jungle camp.
      1424696400Set up the camp and have lunch.
      1424705400Walk near the camp to search for orangutans and their nests.
      1424718000Dinner at campsite.
      3 Sungai Mawang
      After breakfast depart from Genting Tunu and trek for about five hours to Mawang. You will set a camp there where you will have lunch and later dinner. In the camp surroundings you will attempt spotting any orangutans and other wildlife.
      1424678400Trek for about 4 hours through the orangutan habitat and reach Sungai Mawang.
      1424696400Set camp and have lunch.
      1424705400Look for orangutans and their nests.
      1424718000Dinner at campsite.
      4 Nanga Sumpa
      After breakfast, depart from Sungai Mawang and trek for about 2 hours trek to Nanga Sumpa iban longhouse. After lunch there, you can take a circular trek in Nanga Sumpa or take a boat upriver to reach Enselaui waterfalls. At dinner time you will return to the longhouse.
      1424685600Trek for about 2 hours through orangutan habitat to Nanga Sumpa longhouse.
      1424692800Lunch at the longhouse.
      1424707200Take a circular trek in the Nanga Sumpa area or alternatively take a boat upriver to Enselaui Waterfall.
      1424718000Dinner at the longhouse n Nanga Sumpa.
      5 Back to Kuching from Batang Ai
      After an early lunch, return back to Kuching. From Batang Ai a coach will return you to town; if you need to catch a flight please tell us at the time of booking; remember that you need to be in airport at least 2 hours before departure.
      1424682000Free at leisure.
      1424690100Early lunch in the lodge.
      1424692800Travel downriver to the Batang Ai Lake jetty.
      1424716200Estimated time of arrival in Kuching (hotel or airport).
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