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Live as a Bidayuh! A 3-day stay within this Borneo population, in the Sarawak jungle, sharing their house and learning their about their culture and traditions
  • Live with the Bidayuh people in an authentic Bidayuh longhouse
  • Practice local Bidayuh lifestyle and learn traditional crafts and working skills
  • Visit an orangutan wildlife centre on the way to the village
  • Enjoy the surrounding nature and bathe in waterfalls
What's included
  • Transportation from Kuching hotel or airport to Siburan and back
  • Accommodation in full board basis
  • Local food meals and beverages
  • Entrance fees and permits
The Bidayuh experience
Minimum 2 persons.

      The name “Bidayuh” literally means “inhabitants of land” in the local language. The Bidayuh are the second largest ethnic group in Sarawak after the Iban in terms of population and they mostly live in the rural area of Samarahan, not far from the capital city of Kuching (South West of Sarawak).  Their main occupation revolves around farming and agriculture and other activities typical of these rural areas. Their culture and customs, as well as their own language, are different from any other ethnic group in Borneo, a land known for its biodiversity, but equally diverse ethnically and culturally.

      You will have a unique experience sharing Bidayuh people daily life and accommodation by joining one family at their traditional home. Your host will share their daily routine with you, such as the traditional food preparation and more of their habits and work. You will also enjoy with them the surrounding environment made of idyllic forest, trails and rivers.

      Bidayuh are well known for their hospitality. During your stay,  you will sleep in their house, sharing the common areas as a friend or a relative. It’s a very simple and austere lifestyle, but genuinely authentic and in perfect harmony with the nature. The tour starts from Kuching city centre  (your hotel in town or designated place according to your wishes). A Bidayuh house can normally accommodate a maximum of 6 guests. If you have a heavy or cumbersome baggage, we suggest to leave it for safekeeping at your accommodation’s luggage storage in Kuching town.  Since the destination is in the middle of the forest, a suitable outfit is warmly recommended for your staying. Bring with you insect/mosquito repellent, sunscreen, raincoat (even disposable will do).


      1 Leave Kuching and reach Siburan
      Meet your Bidayuh friend at your hotel lobby and proceed your journey to Siburan. On the way you will stop by Semenggoh Wildlife Centre to spot some orangutans. Arrived at the village in Siburan you will be welcomed by a home cooked meal by your host. In the afternoon you can visit the nearby villages and learn about traditional bamboo woodworking and handicrafts making. There will be more local food for dinner and in the night you can explore the surrounding rainforest with the native people.
      20150319 08:00Pick up from your hotel in Kuching.
      20150319 09:00Stop by Semenggoh Orangutan centre.
      20150319 10:15Move towards the forest and reach the bidayuh village.
      20150319 12:30Home cooked traditional bidayuh lunch.
      20150319 14:00Visit the nearest villages as Kampong Simuti and Kampong Sadir.
      20150319 15:00Learn how the bidayuh use bamboo wood and traditional handicrafts making.
      20150319 19:30Local dinner.
      20150319 21:00Night trek in the jungle and surrounding area.
      2 Siburan with the Bidayuh
      You will spend the second day entirely with your bidayuh host. Trekking, cooking, helping the family. Enjoy a normal day together with your new bidayuh friends. Meals will be prepared the traditional way of using bamboo to cook food. You can help the family to work in the local farm. In the afternoon you can relax bathing and swimming in the nearby stream.
      20150319 07:30Breakfast.
      20150319 08:302 hours trekking to the family farm. While on the way you will piack some some wild ginger, bamboo shoots, wild ferns, fruits, herbs used later for cooking.
      20150319 12:00Traditional bamboo cooked meal using local forest herbs you just picked along the way.
      20150319 13:30Leisure time or help the family to work at the local farm.
      20150319 15:30Trek back to the house and stop by a stream of water for a swim.
      20150319 19:30Dinner.
      3 Get back to Kuching
      On the third day you will trek to nearby waterfalls for a swim and relax. After lunch you will greet your host goodbye and head back to Kuching. The driver can leave you in town or at the airport. If you need to catch a flight you need to be at the airport at least 2 hours before departure. Please notify us beforehand of your schedule.
      20150319 07:30Breakfast.
      20150319 08:30Trekking to the nearby waterfalls.
      20150319 12:30Packed lunch.
      20150319 13:00Depart back to Kuching.
      20150319 14:30Estimated arrival time in Kuching (hotel or airport).
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