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A 360° journey that encompasses culture, history and nature of Malaysia at their best in some of its most iconic locations of the West Peninsula: wander through Cameron Highlands and its tea plantations, explore the old town of Kuala Kangsar, camp deep inside Belum rainforest and bicycle in the heritage streets of George Town!
  • Drive through four states of West Malaysia
  • Departure from Kuala Lumpur, Selangor
  • Reach Cameron Highlands hill station, Pahang
  • Hike in Royal Belum rainforest, Perak
  • Camp in one of the oldest rainforest of the planet
  • Visit George Town, Penang
What's included
  • Hotels and accommodation with breakfast
  • Meals
  • Private vehicle with driver
  • Boat services with boatman
  • Entrance fees and permits
  • Bicycle rental in George Town
The Peninsular Malaysia West coast
Any amount of people can join.

      This travel idea is for those seeking a full 360° experience in West Malaysia and want to get to get acquainted with the Country’s history, nature and culture in a single week journey that dives into all of these and more.

      The journey will encompass several key aspects of Malaysia culture, history  and territory. The West part of Malaysia has been part of British colonies at the time and you will witness such European passage in George Town, in the island of Penang, where the British settlements were originally located, and then in Cameron Highlands, one of the most amazing hill stations in South East Asia with its chilly microclimate and its breathtaking tea fields. You will also drive through Perak and Kuala Kangsar to discover more of traditional Malay culture and architecture. In Penang you will further witness the multi-cultural and  multi-ethnic aspects of Malaysia presented at its best with a unique melting pot and fusion of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European aspects, religions and foods.

      Finally, a travel experience in tropical Malaysia can’t be truly complete without exploring its rainforest. And for this journey you will have the opportunity to explore the oldest part of it : the Royal Belum National Park – in fact, researchers believe its one of the oldest forests in the whole World. It’s one of the most pristine rainforest in West Malaysia, located at the Thai border of Perak and partially flooded by a lake which makes the scenery very picturesque. If you are lucky you can even spot wildlife there – such as eagles, wild elephants and other birds and small mammals – or specimen of rafflesia one of Earth’s biggest flowers.

      Departure is in Kuala Lumpur and at the end of the journey you will be in George Town (Penang). However, you may choose to start your journey from George Town and end up in Kuala Lumpur at the end of the trip – this may be the case if, for example, you’re inbound from Thailand. If you wish to make this change and reverse the schedule, just mention about it it while submitting your request and we’ll discuss the options with you.

      Because some part of this journey takes place in the jungle, you should carry with you suitable clothing and shoes – also swimming gear since you might want to bathe in the forest’s waterfalls. In the forest there might be leeches. Bring a mosquito repellent.  Raincoat and sunscreen are always helpful in hot and wet Malaysia.


      1 From Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands
      The journey starts from Kuala Lumpur. The local Malaysian guide and your private driver will greet you at your hotel lobby in the capital. From here you will drive through the main highway of the Country entering Perak and then turning towards the hillside of Cameron, Pahang, by using the old road built by the British. The first stop will be at Lata Iskandar waterfall where nearby you can meet some Orang Asli, the indigenous people of Peninsular Malaysia. You will proceed then to the top of Cameron Highlands and visit one of the main tea plantations. Enjoy your lunch while grasping the amazing view over tea fields. After lunch you can walk through the greeneries of the tea plantation and learn more about tea history and culture. Finally, you will reach your hotel in the hill station; but just before that you can have the opportunity to visit a butterfly farm and get introduced to native species of insects and plants from this area of the World.
      20150223 09:00Meet up with local guide and driver in Kuala Lumpur. Journey begins.
      20150223 11:30First stop at Lata Iskandar waterfall on the way to Cameron Highlands.
      20150223 12:30Meet up with Orang Asli.
      20150223 13:30Lunch at a tea plantation bar.
      20150223 14:30Walk through tea plantations.
      20150223 16:00Butterfly farm visit.
      20150223 17:30Hotel check in.
      2 From Cameron Higlands to Perak and Belum
      After breakfast meet you guide and driver. The journey will proceed towards the North part of Malaysia at the border with Thailand. While reaching the edge of Perak, you will stop by will bring you to the north part of Malaysia near the border of Thailand. Stop for lunch in a typical coffee shop 'kopitiam' on the way to Kuala Kangsar, Perak state former capital. From Kuala Kangsar you will proceed further North through palm and rubber plantations. The last stop before reaching Belum rainforest and National Park will be in the small town of Gerik where you can buy snacks for yourself and eventually gifts for the Orang Asli tribe you will be visiting later on in the rainforest. (This could be actually a better way to support them rather than giving money).
      20150223 07:30Breakfast time at your hotel in Cameron Highlands.
      20150223 08:30Leave your hotel.
      20150223 09:00Visit to a tea processing plant at a local tea plantation.
      20150223 10:45Stop by highlands' fresh fruits and vegetables local market.
      20150223 13:30Lunch on the way to Kuala Kangsar.
      20150223 14:30Arrival in Kuala Kangsar, Perak, and visit to Masjid Ubudiah, Istana Kenangan and Istana Iskandar.
      20150223 18:00Stop at Gerik town before reaching Belum forest reserve.
      20150223 19:30Estimated arrival time in Belum and check in.
      20150223 20:30Dinner.
      3 Hiking in Royal Belum National Park
      Explore and immerse yourself completely in one of the World's oldest forests. In company of a trained nature guide you will get through thick forest trails and get to know facts and anecdotes on Malaysian jungle, its flora and fauna. Together you will search for rafflesia flowers (whose sighting depends on the season and plant's cycle), stop by waterfalls and bathe in there if you wish so. You will also be greeted by a small Orang Asli village located at the edges of the forest, where they still live by traditional means, hunting and fishing.
      20150223 08:00Breakfast at the hotel.
      20150223 09:30Meet up with your nature guide and forest expert and leave to the jungle by boat.
      20150223 10:00Forest trekking in the search for rafflesia flowers.
      20150223 11:30Visit an isolated Orang Asli village.
      20150223 13:30Packed lunch at waterfalls inside the forest.
      20150223 15:30Get back to your resort.
      4 From Belum to Penang
      After your breakfast you will leave the resort to Penang and George Town.
      20150223 07:00Breakfast at the resort
      20150223 09:30Leave Belum and head toward the Island of Penang.
      20150223 12:30Arrival in Penang at lunch time.
      20150223 14:30Visit the hilltop Mahayana Buddhist monastery of Kek Lok Si.
      20150223 16:30Hotel check in time in George Town.
      5 Visit George Town
      Before exploring the UNESCO colonial heritage of George Town by walk, the driver will take you a little further to visit two iconic Buddhist temples facing each other at the edges of town, both of Theravada tradition, but one Burmese, the other Thai.
      20150223 08:00Breakfast at the hotel.
      20150223 09:30Meet up with your local guide and driver.
      20150223 10:00Visit the Burmese Dhammikarama and the Thai Wat Chayamangkalaram Buddhist temples.
      20150223 11:30Get back to city centre and visit UNESCO heritage.
      20150223 12:00Visit colonial building such as Fort Cornwallis, the old City Hall, the Court of Justice, St. George's church, etc.
      20150223 13:30Lunch.
      20150223 14:30Visit Chinese areas and temples such as the Goddess of Mercy temple, Khoo Kongsi, the Clan Jetties...
      20150223 15:30Walk through historical Beach Street and its arteries, the very center of the former British colony dubbed the "Pearl of Orient".
      20150223 16:00Take a walk inside a restored Peranakan house.
      20150223 17:00Back to your hotel.
      6 End of journey in George Town
      After breakfast you can spend more time in George Town until check out. After check out (or before that, depending on your own schedule, but not later than that), the driver and the guide can send you to Penang International airport if you wish to catch a flight from there or to the Penang port jetty, if you intend to take a boat to Langkawi or Thailand. As an alternative you may go back to Kuala Lumpur along with the guide and driver, but please inform us about this at booking time.
      20150223 07:00Breakfast at the hotel.
      20150223 12:00Hotel check out time.
      20150223 12:45If you wish, driver can send you at Penang International Airport or George Town Port jetty.
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